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Società Agricola Serenissima srl

Società Agricola Serenissima srl  is a “special” farm, or we might say an “atypical” one.

Located in a territory that has been devoted to farming for centuries, the hinterland of the Venetian lagoon, with a very particular climate, soil and type of water, Serenissima has tried to divert its attention towards a type of farming that is a breakaway from tradition, but that seems to be the future for feeding the world.

The farm produces ORGANIC MICROALGAE using technologies of the latest generation.

To produce these microalgae, Soc. Ag. Serenissima srl uses the technology of GWP® photobioreactors, advanced technology systems conceived, developed and constructed in collaboration with Fotosintetica & Microbiologica S.R.L., a Spin-off of Florence University (a world leader in the study of microalgae and cyanobacteria).

The system, which is patented worldwide, makes it possible to obtain a product that is free from impurities, with intact nutrients. Today it is the largest photobioreactor plant in Europe.

However, to enable the algae to grow and reproduce in an optimum and natural way, it is necessary to supply them with water at an optimum temperature, enriched with CO2. The photobioreactors were therefore flanked by a wood chip cogenerator, which, by burning the branches and wood collected on our land, supplies the necessary heat and CO2.

All this was accomplished with technological aids that allow us to avoid all types of atmospheric pollution, especially due to carbon dioxide. In other words, it is a plant with zero impact.

This innovative and original idea enabled “Serenissima s.s.” to obtain, with its ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM project, recognition and community support as part of the HORIZON 2020 Project promoted by the European Community: Horizon 2020 is the community project with the declared objective of supporting and promoting activities with innovative technology, but which respect the environment, also in the field of agriculture.

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