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Società Agricola Serenissima srl

At the plant in Codevigo (Pd), the Company “Società Agricola Serenissima srl” produces microalgae and cyanobacteria making use of photobioreactors of the latest generation.

This is an innovative and patented technology that envisages the cultivation of photosynthetic micro-organisms in plastic bags.

The microalga thus produced is therefore 100% ORGANIC, free from any kind of impurity, ODOUR-FREE, and absolutely INTACT in its nutrients. These characteristics are not found in most of the spirulina-based products available on the Italian market today.

algavitae spirulina

BIOTECHNOLOGY of the latest generation for the production of microalgae with zero impact in a controlled and organic setting, completely respecting the surrounding environment

algavitae spirulina

THE FACULTY OF MICROBIOLOGY OF FLORENCE: Continuously monitors the production of our microalgae, guaranteeing the end product.

algavitae spirulina

FOOD OF THE FUTURE: It has 3 times the protein content of a steak, with additional vitamins and mineral salts. The F.A.O. (Food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations) considers it the food of the future for developing populations.

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Soc. Ag. Serenissima srl è un’azienda agricola specializzata nella produzione MICROALGHE BIOLOGICHE utilizzando tecnologie di ultima generazione che portano all’abbattimento di ogni tipo di contaminazione del prodotto.

Agricola Serenissima via Frignolo 21, 35020 Conche di Codevigo (PD)
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